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Movement Education, the new Italtrike website’s keyword

The Italtrike website has been totally restyled. A new virtual space entirely renewed in terms of graphics and content organisation.  It provides a complete overview of our collections and describes the philosophy behind the design of each product: Movement Education.

An even more pleasant web surfing experience thanks to a cool, contemporary and eye-catching design, just like our tricycles and ride-ons’ colours and lines. A ” living” site constantly updated with new content.  Designed to guide parents and teachers in finding the most suitable wheeled toys by age group to develop children’s motor skills. The shop area has been designed to make browsing and access to products easier, even from a mobile phone.  Moreover, the classification by collection and product category helps families and the educational world to always find the right product.

Our website also includes a section dedicated to news, events and in-depth information on the Italtrike world. Besides new projects news, there are many topics and experts’ recommendations to promote the child’s development by playing. This is why, despite the website’s change of look, Italtrike’s mission has been the same for over thirty-five years: fostering movement education and supporting children in every phase of their growth.