Caricamento in corso...

We are deeply attached to our territory, to our culture, to the people who work with us. The inspiration for whatever we do comes from the beauty that surrounds us: the landscape, the colours and the masterpieces. A constant incentive that allows us to have a clear perspective on the future. 

“A vision that starts from the deep respect for the environment and the people we work with. Our work must not affect the delicate balance of the nature that surrounds us, but must be part of it in a sustainable manner.
We work to make our vision become a reality. For this reason, more than 95% of our suppliers are located within a distance of 50km from our headquarters. Our suppliers are our first partners and by working together we can improve our production processes. Our products are built to last, we are so sure of it to offer a longer warranty than the standard and a full after-sales service.
60% of the electricity we use is self-produced by solar panels.
Bravo Packaging is the program that will lead us to eliminate all the plastic in our packaging by 2020 and replace it with recycled and recyclable paper fiber”

Reclycled Plastic is the program that by 2020 will lead us to produce more than 50% of components with recycled plastic material 

With the “eolo” line, we first introduced, in 2017, a line of tricycles and vehicles with wheels designed in a sustainable way and based on the circular economy. All our new products will be designed with these features.

Sustainability means for us always thinking about our future and the one of our children

Since 2010 we have been certified according to international standards on Environment, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 on health and safety of workers. 

The concept of circular economy and carbon foot print of our products is the core of our internal design procedures.