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Special needs: Playing freely

“We believe in play therapy” says the President of Italtrike “and we want to eliminate as many difficulties as possible for those children who have special needs. It is not an orthopaedic device but simply a toy studied to accompany children with disabilities, sitting joyfully on their tricycle well fastened and secured”.

Stefano Gandolfi
Italtrike Chairman

Italtrike “ZERO”: better together

When we design best trikes for children with special needs, we always have the support of medical specialists, so all our products benefit from this experience. All children without any exception should have the opportunity to laugh and smile at the excitement of being on a tricycle. For this reason we have studied the tricycle “Zero” dedicated to those children with motor disabilities. Production began thanks to a staff of experts who worked effectively to make the dream come true: to give special children an opportunity to be active with a tricycle.

The tricycle “Zero” was awarded in 2016 as an innovative product at the TG Toys.

A tricycle for two, designed to promote the inclusion of disability (physical, mental, cognitive). Each child contributes to the play according to their own skills: the two places have different and complementary actions to learn that together… it is simpler and better!