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Our values


We believe in the value of design to improve the quality of life and contribute to a more sustainable world. Our products are designed to last and to convey the beauty of  playing through an elegant and international design. As a result, we have won major industry awards such as the prestigious ADI Index 2018.


Our experience in product development and enhancement has led us to work with the best suppliers to ensure strength and durability to our cycles. This care and attention leads to a great skill to innovate both from a technological and a productive point of view.


We are committed to improving ourselves and always offering an excellent product, thanks to our continuous research and development work. A unique ability that has led us to collaborate in several research projects worldwide with prestigious institutions such as the Polytechnic of Milan, the University of Beijing and the Kids and Toys Observatory.


We believe in building a better world for our children, which is why we pay great attention to minimizing environmental impact.  We pay attention to the materials we use, to the manufacturing processes, from the implementation of green energy to the reduction of packaging space, from the recycling of the components of our cycles to the replacement of parts. We never waste anything.


Acting in a responsible manner is the key to all of our choices because we are aware of the social and ethical impact that we have on our territory, people and especially on future generations. A deal that we firmly hold on to and thanks to which we always put beforehand the benefits of our users and of the future that we build day by day.