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Playing while moving is well-being healthy for all kids

Movement is fundamental for the healthy development of the psychophysical, cognitive, social and emotional abilities of every child.

It is in fact through movement that children discover themselves and the world around them, develop new balance and coordination skills, strengthen their bone and muscle structure promoting blood circulation, thus building the basis for a good health. Physical exercise also promotes mental well-being: by playing while moving the body releases endorphins which increase positive feelings of happiness and freedom, reducing those of stress and anxiety.

The choice of the toy has to be suitable for the age and needs of the child, so as to best stimulate t he development of his skills.

From 10 months, we support his first steps

Around 10 months, children start developing the balance and coordination necessaries to move their first steps. Roberto, the first-step trolley, has been conceived to ease the first attempts in walking thanks to its anti-tipping system and the possibility to regulate friction on the rear wheels. A safe and stable support guarantees the child freedom of movement in total safety. Once he grows up, the safety systems can be deactivated and Roberto thus becomes a play trolley for loading, transporting and unloading games and small objects, encouraging game interactions useful for cognitive development.


99,00 €

From the first year onwards: the ride-on

From the first year onwards the child is able to maintain an upright position independently and his perception of himself and the environment around him increases. La Cosa is a compact ride-on toy, perfect for moving freely around the house in a safe, intuitive and dynamic way. Its pivoting rubber wheels make it easy to handle even in small spaces, silent, without leaving traces on the floor. Simply pushing on his feet, the child will learn while playing to control direction, speed, braking and steering. In the compartment under the seat the child can store, load and transport games and small treasures, encouraging game interactions useful for cognitive development.

La cosa

74,90 €

From 2 years: the transporter trolley

After the age of two the child is independent in walking but needs to refine the coordination and combination of movements to achieve objectives, developing both cognitive and motor skills together. In this phase Italo, the transporter trolley, is the perfect ally for learning to control body movements whilst  having fun loading games and small objects and then moving and transporting them. The pivoting rubber front wheels make it easy to manoeuvre, silent and gentle on all floor surfaces.


109,00 €

From 2 + years: learn to ride a tricycle

From the age of two or three onwards, the child has developed a greater perception of himself and his abilities and is ready for new challenges that will help increase his self-esteem, his ability to pay attention and concentrate. The tricycle with its three wheels gives the child the stability and safety necessary to focus on the pedaling movement, to regulate speed and steer, which are then useful to ride a bicycle, and the ability to coordinate movements together. Anti-puncture solid wheels and steering limit increase the safety of the vehicle.

From 3 years: balance and coordination with the balance bike

From three years onwards the child strengthens the perception of the surrounding space and of his own body and can play by managing more precise and controlled movements. This will help build his self-esteem, his confidence in his ability to manage goals and obstacles and help him feel more confident. Valentino balance bike was designed to give children the opportunity to play safely both outside and inside the house, without leaving marks on the floors. Agile and light, it is easy to manoeuvre and gives great freedom of movement to children who can have fun and test themselves by calibrating speed, braking, steering, reverse and manoeuvre. In addition to the benefits due to physical exercise, the use of Valentino requires the child to exercise his attention and concentration skills.

From 4 years onwards: new cognitive and movement challenges with skates

From 4 years onwards the child, who is now much more skilled in the coordination of body movements, needs stimuli that increase the ability to manage challenges, limits, obstacles and movements in relation to the external context.

Gioca skates, although with the safety and stability given by the 4 wheels, give the child the opportunity to learn to calibrate with more attention body movements, push, center of gravity and balance, to keep an eye on what is happening around and modify their movements to dodge obstacles or achieve goals. In addition to the benefits due to physical exercise, the use of skates helps in the development of both the cognitive and the emotional sphere of the child.

Gioca skates

from 49,00 €

Playing is the driving factor! It is the positive motivation that leads the child to carry out physical activity and better develop his abilities with total serenity and fun.