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Our sustainable business
to grow up together
in harmony with Nature.

Italtrike produces tricycles, scooters, skates and design toys
respecting the environment, future generations and Made in Italy.

Sustainability and respect for the environment have always been part of our identity.
We firmly believe that there is no development or progress without care and love.

It is with passion that every day we take every decision, both big and small, according to these values:
to create a design and a production system that is careful and respectful.

This is why Italtrike is certified ISO 9001:2015 – 14001:2015 E 45001:2018
for Quality, Environment, Health & Safety management systems.

Find out in detail the pillars of our “Sustainability Programme“,
which aims to bring us to zero emissions by 2030.

Renewable Energy
From 2018 to 2021 we increased the number of photovoltaic panels to power our offices and internal production.

In 2018 we installed the first units of photovoltaic panels on the roof of our company
and in 2021 we increased their number and installed an energy storage unit.

This allows us to generate clean energy to power our offices, internal production
and the internal and external lighting of our factory.

Local Production
95% of our major components come from less than 75 km of our headquarters.

Italtrike’s headquarters are located in Veneto, on the slopes of Monte Grappa,
a privileged area both from a naturalistic point of view and with consolidated industrial experience.

Hence our decision to weave a network of local, experienced and trusted suppliers.

Based within a distance of 75 km from our headquarters, they guarantee us a low-emission production system
and to safeguard and partner with local excellence.


Life Cycle Assessment
We calculated our LCA together with a spin-off from the University of Siena.

What is LCA?

It is an objective method of assessing and quantifying the energy and environmental loads
and potential impacts associated with a product or service, process or activity throughout its life cycle.”
We made the calculation of our overall LCA together with a spin-off from the University of Siena,
so as to be aware of our impact on the environment.
This allows us to monitor this index and have a starting point on which to work, define
and launch concrete improvement actions to reach our Emission Neutrality target by 2030.


Build to last
We can supply spare parts for all our products to extend their life cycle and reduce waste.

We can provide spare parts (wheels, grips, saddles, pedals, etc.) for the long-term maintenance of our products
through our customer service (

Thus we guarantee our customers the possibility of extending the toy’s life, play and fun.

When designing each product, we select high quality materials with excellent mechanical/structural performance.
These, together with a careful design, ensure product strength and durability.

In this way we reduce waste and environmental impact.

The "Italtrike Forest"
From 2021 we have planted 1000 trees, with our friends from Zero CO2, to counteract CO2 emissions. Thanks also to your help every year we will extend the Italtrike Forest.

Thanks to the collaboration with Zero CO2, we have started a reforestation project from 2021 by planting 1000 fruit trees,
which will neutralise 581.600 kg of carbon dioxide over 15 years. This project also supports the local Campesinos
by giving them the management of the forest. All planting activity is tracked by a sophisticated geo-localisation system,
which monitors the growth of the trees and follows the first fruits.

This is an environmental, but also a social commitment in which we strongly believe.
It is part of a broader path focused on sustainable development and education for sustainability,
which in 10 years will lead us to be a zero-emission company.

Recycled & recyclable materials
For years now we have introduced the use of sustainable materials, such as MEPOL recycled plastic. (for the body of our best seller, La Cosa).

The selection of materials is another key point in the design of our products.
That is why every year we invest great effort and curiosity in the research and selection of innovative materials
that are increasingly in line with environmental requirements and our credo.
We have been replacing the body material of our best seller, the ride-on “La Cosa”, with eco-certified MEPOL plastic
for many years now. An environmentally sustainable plastic made from recycled polymers. The use of this material will soon be extended to a wider range of our products. At the same time, we are testing two new bio-based  materials derived from
the waste of the wood and cork industry. We are excited to discover, test and eventually use these new solutions
for the production of our toys and to be able to continuously update and improve.

Product Design
Our design approach aims to reduce the environmental impact of the product as much as possible.

Throughout the creative and design process, we pay particular attention to solutions
that minimise the environmental impact of the product at all stages of its life,
from prototyping, production, transport, maintenance and final disposal.

The ultimate example of how this is achieved is our ‘eololine, selected by ADI Design Index in 2019
and then displayed in the ‘Italia Geniale’ pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2021.
The first line of tricycles, scooters and balance bikes designed according to circular economy principles.
Have a look at the Video and find out more HERE!

“Italtrike Bravo Box”
Our packaging 100% recycled and recyclable paper fibre. Paper adhesive tape with water-based glue. Reduced volumes.

Italtrike Bravo Box” is a 100% recycled and recyclable paper fibre packaging,
the tape used is also made of paper with water-based glue. The overall dimensions are reduced to the minimum
in order to facilitate transport and to reduce its environmental impact.
Thanks to the Italtrike Bravo Box we have reduced single-use plastic in our packaging by 95%.
Currently in use on most of our products and soon to be extended to our entire product range.
When the child opens his toy, all that is left is recyclable paper to be placed in the recycling bins.
An action so easy and yet so important!
Why not have the children do it themselves?

Product ID Card
From 2022, we will introduce product ID card with information about its recyclability.

From 2022 onwards, each product will have its own identity card,
with technical specifications and details of its environmental impact
and relative recyclability,
as well as tips for toy maintenance.