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Promo Carry

The Promo Carry tandem tricycle for toddlers encourages children to share moments of fun and enjoyment; excellent for teaching them teamwork, partnership and role playing games. Extended steel frame with two comfortable saddles suitable for children of different heights; a passenger footrest where safely put feet up; solid, puncture-proof wheels suitable for any terrain; sturdy, non-slip pedals. With an elongated tricycle like Promo Carry children learn to manage space and curves, to manage weight and thrust with a passenger on board. A set of new activities that develop skills, stimulate creativity and sharing. With the Promo Carry tandem tricycle for toddlers cycling together is pure fun!
Skills developed
  • Cognitive development
  • Independence
  • Montessori
  • Motor coordination
  • Motor development
  • Pedaling
  • Play together
  • Posture
  • Space management
  • Space perception
  • Speed management
  • Steering
  • Features
    • Painted steel frame;
    • Painted steel handlebars and fork with safety steering lock;
    • Fixed fork height;
    • Non-slip rubber grips;
    • Comfortable and easy-to-use extended seats made of sturdy plastic for children of different heights;
    • Rear handle on the seat for an easy grip and an easy lifting and moving of the tricycle;
    • Driver's backrest, also a passenger grip point;
    • Solid wheels made of a non-toxic, puncture-proof material;
    • Non-slip surface pedals fitted on front wheel;
    • Passenger footrest and front hand rest; safety first!
    • the tandem tricycle for toddlers complies with the European Toy Safety Regulations (EN 71, parts 1, 2, 3);
    • Made in Italy
  • Technical specs
    Suggested age 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, 6 years
    Supported weight
    Environement Outdoor

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