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Alutrike Stilts

Mod. 9411
The Krane aluminium stilts of the Alutrike line are suitable for all ages and stimulate balance and coordination. They are made of quality materials, with an anodized aluminium alloy frame, footboard and accessories in non-slip and shockproof plastic. The stilts lengthen and shorten according to children’s skills and abilities; the footrest can be raised and lowered according to one’ s need or exercise. Very practical and dynamic product, we recommend to test one’ s balance by starting from a foot position close to the floor. Falling is not a problem, it helps to learn! If necessary, the non-slip grips turn the stilts into a walking stick and help with walking and balance. Perfect to be used at home, in kindergartens and sports centres; Krane is not bulky and is easily transportable thanks to its comfortable shoulder strap; a very funny product that can be used indoors or outdoors and thanks to its “Easy beach” caps it can also be used on the beach or on soft ground. Ready to test your balance?

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Additional information
School details
Additional information
  • Aluminium frame;
  • Non-slip rubber grips;
  • Adjustable stilt height with telescopic system;
  • Height-adjustable foot supports;
  • Round supports for soft ground available in the box;
  • Assembled product;
  • The aluminium stilts comply with European Toy Safety Regulations (EN 71, parts 1, 2, 3)
  • Made in Italy
Age and ability
Age of the child: Recommended for children of Years
Skills developed:
  • Psychomotor skills and specifically:
  • they support balance learning;
  • they improve coordination;
  • they improve the mind and body and make movements more fluid and harmonious.
Size and dimensions
Product height: min 107 cm -> max 184 cm
Foot size: -
Supported weight: 35 Kg
Product weight: 2,2 kg
Packed product weight: 2,8 kg
Box Size: 19x11,5x111 cm
Bar code: 8010077941108
Product details
Frame: aluminium with telescopic system to adapt to different heights and exercises;
Handlebar grips: made of soft, non-slip rubber for a more comfortable use;
Note well: Inserti in plastica adattabili a varie altezze. Alluminio è un materiale robusto, antiruggine, rende il triciclo circa 30% più leggero di prodotti similari in acciaio;
  • REACH, Allegato XVII ; IPA – ZEK 01.4-08 – Cat. 1;
  • EN 71-1:2018 ; EN 71-2:2014; EN 71-3:2019
  • AS/NZS ISO 8124
  • ISO 8124:2018
  • Canada Toys Regulations – SOR/2011-17
  • 16 C.F.R. 1303
  • ASTM F963-16
  • California proposition 65 – contenuto Di-n-esil ftalato
Type of guarantee: This product is guaranteed for 5 years for its metal parts, and 2 years for its plastic parts
Production batch: Check the Po number under the saddle (silver sticker)
Carta d'identità: Alutrike Stilts
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