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In accordance with the New European Rule GDPR 679 of 2016 in force since May 25th 2018 and with reference to D.Lgs. 101/2018 and the preceding Art. 13 of the Legislative Decree dated 30th June 2003 nr. 196. "Code in matter of Personal Data Protection " (subsequently, the Code), you will find hereby the current and up-to-date informative related to the treatment of personal data that you shall submit with the purpose of utilizing the services and products offered by Italtrike, starting from the Web address (subsequently, the Site).

1. Intent of the treatment:

Your personal data (name, last name, city, electronic mail address, contact number, etc) will be treated by Italtrike to give execution to the General Conditions of Contract accepted during your registration to the Site and, therefore, to following purpose: to finalize the recording on the Site, to assign you a username and a password, to allow access to your personal area on the Site, to supply the ordered products, to manage and administer the Billing documentation, to manage the operations of consignment and payment and therefore comply to all obligations required by Law as per New EU Rule GDPR 2016/679. The data will be object of treatment observing principles of correctness, legality, transparency and safeguarding your privacy, your safety and your rights.


2. Condition of Treatment:

The treatment of the data, automated and not (paper based), for the afore mentioned  finalities, will take place in respect of Privacy and Safety rules anticipated by above mentioned Laws, their subsequent regulation and through internal dispositions.


3. Informed consent:

Data Treatment and its finality shall take place in no other manner than as clearly mentioned in Point 1.


4. Period of Data Storage:

The data will be preserved for the duration of the contract and its processing, as already established in Point 3.


5. Data Profiling: 

ITALTRIKE Srl shall not use sensitive personal data regarding an individual (such as: interest, preference, travel, location) in order to fulfill the automation and the profiling processes, and shall not surrender any data to third parties.


6. Holder of the Data Treatment:

The holder of the personal data submitted by you through this site is:
Italtrike Srl, headquartered in Paderno of the Grappa (TV), Via Piovega n. 49. C.F. . 01131420265. P.IVA  IT01038450282  -  Email:

Legally Responsible :  The Legal Representative of the Company Italtrike.