Stroller 6 seats

FOUNDATIONSThe Value leader inMultichild strollers distributed in EUROPE by ITALTRIKE. Striking the perfect balance of strength andmobility, theSPORT strollersare constructed of durable tubing that is lightweight enough to maneuver easily.Adjustable five-point harnesshas three height positions to accommodate differently sizedchildrenweighingup to 18kg each.Strollersfit through standard doorways so thatchildrencan be loadedindoors. Heavy-duty rubberized foam wheels provide the same shock-absorbing comfort of air-filled wheels. Foot-activated brake secures thestrollerwhen parked. Rear storage provides space forbabies necessities.Canopiesare included to protect from inclement weather and UV rays. AllSPORT StrollersmeetStandard BSEN 1888:2012for Child Care Articles Wheeled Child Conveyances

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