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Promo Walker

Mod. 9027
The Promo line ride-on for 1 year old is recommended to introduce children to a wheeled vehicle for learning balance and stability. Children at the age of 1-2 years are not able to comprehend the circular movement of pedalling yet, with the ride-on for 1 year old they learn how a product on wheels works. They learn to push and brake with their own legs and to go in the desired direction by coordinating their arms and legs. Vehicle with a robust steel structure; solid, puncture-proof and large wheels for greater stability; universal saddle suitable for 1- and 2-year-old children of different heights, it has two non-slip supports on the rear axle. Manufactured in Italy and designed according to international toy safety standards, the ride-on for 1 year old is an ideal product for kindergartens and playgrounds.
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Additional information
School details
Additional information
  • Painted steel frame;
  • Painted steel handlebars and fork with safety steering lock;
  • Fixed fork height;
  • Non-slip rubber grips;
  • A comfortable and easy-to-use extended seat made of sturdy plastic suitable for children of different heights;
  • Rear saddle scan for an easy grip and an easy lifting and moving of the tricycle;
  • Solid wheels made of a sturdy, puncture-proof material;
  • The ride-on for 1 year old complies with the European Toy Safety Regulations (EN 71, parts 1, 2, 3);
  • Made in Italy
Age and ability
Age of the child: Recommended for children of 1 / 2 / Years
Skills developed:
  • Psychomotor skills and specifically:
  • approach to their own bodies, their own sensations and learning new skills;
  • balance coordination and stability on a moving wheeled vehicle;
  • coordination between legs and arms with the awareness of what is happening around them so to choose the direction;
  • learning to push with the legs and the development of muscle groups;
  • foot control to brake when needed;
  • learning about steering and turning;
  • the ride
  • on for 1 year old helps to stimulate self
  • perception in relation to the world around them;
  • it encourages their desire for independence and adventure.
Size and dimensions
Product height: 50,5 cm
Product length: 65,5 cm
Product width: 44 cm
Seat height: 28 cm
Front wheel size: 195 mm
Rear wheel size: 180 mm
Supported weight: 35 kg
Product weight: 5,6 kg
Packed product weight: 6,3 kg
Box Size: 51x57,5x27 cm
Bar code: 8010077902703
Pedals: questo prodotto non presenta pedali
Saddle: ergonomica ed allungata permette l'utilizzo del giocattolo a bambini di diverse altezza; terminale posteriore rialzato per evitare che il bambino scivoli all'indietro durante l'utilizzo; comoda maniglia posteriore utile per spostare il triciclo.
Rear axle: realizzato in acciaio verniciato con vernice atossica, presenta inserti in plastica antiscivolo fissati al telaio stesso.
  • REACH, Allegato XVII ; IPA – ZEK 01.4-08 – Cat. 1;
  • EN 71-1:2018 ; EN 71-2:2014; EN 71-3:2019
  • AS/NZS ISO 8124
  • ISO 8124:2018
  • Canada Toys Regulations – SOR/2011-17
  • 16 C.F.R. 1303
  • ASTM F963-16
  • California proposition 65 – contenuto Di-n-esil ftalato
Declaration of conformity: File download
Type of guarantee: This product is guaranteed for 5 years for its metal parts, and 2 years for its plastic parts
Production batch: Check the Po number under the saddle (silver sticker)
Carta d'identità: Promo Walker
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