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The perfect gift under the tree?

Christmas is that magical time we look forward to all year round:
the warm atmosphere to share with our loved ones, families and friends,
and the wonder that sparkles in children’s eyes.

But which is the right gift for them under the tree?
No doubt for Italtrike!

The right gift encourages children’s curiosity and enthusiasm,
makes them have fun in a safe and healthy way… always on the move!

The wheeled toy, be it a tricycle, a scooter, roller skates or a ride-on,
is a great stimulating tool for all children.
It helps them to get moving, to become aware of their bodies,
to exercise their psychophysical coordination and to calmly release their energy.
On wheels, children not only experience play and fun
but also increase their confidence in themselves and their abilities.

If our choice also focuses on other fundamental values
such as sustainability, safety, love of Design and Made in Italy,
then we have the perfect gift!

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