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We believe that design is the key for sustainable and harmonious development of life and human relationships. 

For children in particular, design should convey curiosity, stimulate movement and give them serenity. Since the beginning, our love for beauty has led us to collaborate with the French designer Alain Pineau, who still supports us by conveying our values within each product.

In 1996 we launched the “abc” collection. New lines and innovative colours were the main expression of the new design. A breakthrough style, at first not understood by the toy industry, but which led the way to design in this area. The “abc” tricycle was exhibited at MOMA in San Francisco as one of the very first examples of toy design.

In 2008, “la Cosa” was launched in the market. A ride-on where design is not only intended as form and colour, but also as functionality, as a concrete play experience for the child who finds himself living in new urban contexts. We have sold hundreds of thousands of pieces, and today it is one of our best sellers and certainly an iconic product in the worldwide toy industry.

In 2016 “eolo” was presented in the market. Design is still evolving: lines, colours, functionality and ergonomics. But most of all, sustainability: a word that has guided us for years and on which we will base much of our future decisions. Sustainability, not only towards the environment, but also as a commitment towards the people and the territory around us.