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Alutrike Tricycle 2 seats

Mod. 2002
The Alutrike tricycle is the result of decades of experience in the production of tricycles (know-how), combined with the influence of the bicycle district where Italtrike designs and manufactures all its products. This is how the Alutrike line was born, with an even more attention to details. The Alutrike two-seater tricycle is made of aluminium, which is very strong, rustproof and at the same time much lighter than other metals. It’s paint-free with an oval central frame; wide, solid, anti-puncture wheels; extended seat for maximum comfort and for children of different heights. It is the perfect product for schools, kindergartens, playgrounds. The Alutrike 2-seater trike encourages team game and the sharing of fun and entertainment. Also ideal for role-playing games and activities with younger children or those with special needs, who can join in the play and fun by sitting on the back seat. The Alutrike two-seater tricycle is made in Italy and designed

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Additional information
School details
Additional information
  • Aluminium oval frame;
  • Fixed height aluminium handlebars and fork with safety steering lock;
  • Non-slip rubber grips;
  • Comfortable extended seat made of sturdy plastic, suitable for children of different heights;
  • Gripping handle on both saddles;
  • Driver’s backrest that can be used as passenger grab point;
  • Passenger footrest;
  • Solid wheels made of a robust, puncture-proof material;
  • Front wheel with sturdy non-slip pedals;
  • Two-seater trike complies with European Toy Safety Regulations (EN 71, parts 1, 2, 3)
  • Made in Italy
Age and ability
Age of the child: Recommended for children of 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / Years
Skills developed:
  • Psychomotor skills and specifically:
  • the two
  • seater trike stimulates sharing;
  • children learn to participate and deal with the team game and its dynamics;
  • balance coordination and stability on a longer vehicle with a passenger on board;
  • control of the speed, movement and team;
  • control of pedal push, braking when driving a heavier trike;
  • learn how to steer and deal with space with a longer product;
  • eye
  • muscle coordination to combine legs and arms and choose the destination
  • this tricycle stimulates self
  • perception in relation to the world around them;
  • the two
  • seater trike encourages children’s desire for independence and adventure.
Size and dimensions
Product height: 62,5 cm
Product length: 77,5 cm
Product width: 111 cm
Seat height: 39,5 cm
Rear seat height: 39,5 cm
Backrest height: 53 cm
Front wheel size: 280 mm
Rear wheel size: 195 mm
Foot size: -
Supported weight: 35 Kg
Product weight: 8,6 kg
Packed product weight: 11,6 kg
Box Size: 96x55x59 cm
Bar code: 8010077200205
Product details
Frame: aluminium; the oval structure with internal support makes the product even more resistant; exclusively designed for Italtrike;
Fork and handlebars: aluminium; ovalised frame, the internal structure exclusively designed for Italtrike makes the product even more resistant;
Fork and handlebars settings: universal, not height-adjustable to be multipurpose;
Handlebar grips: made of soft, non-slip rubber for a more comfortable use; equipped with an external hand protector for narrow passages or next to walls;
Steering: designed to avoid hand pinching;
Anti-tipping system: steering angle designed to prevent product tipping in motion, 35 degrees maximum width to the right and 35 degrees to the left;
Wheels: made of a non-toxic special Italtrike compound suitable for toy production; the wheels have no spokes, are solid, puncture-proof and do not need to be inflated; this structure guarantees a long-lasting life;
Wheel bearings: high quality, made of acetal, self-lubricating.
Pedals: iron support in the front wheel; plastic parts, large, sturdy footrest with non-slip surface for a safer ride; foot protection close to the wheel to prevent foot contact when pedalling;
Saddle: ergonomic, elongated saddle for children of different heights; raised back to prevent children from sliding backwards while riding; rear handle for easy lifting and carrying;
Rear axle: made of aluminium with non-slip plastic inserts;
Note well: The footrest platform for the passenger measures 35x30cm. Aluminium is a robust, rustproof material, which makes the tricycle about 30% lighter than similar steel products.
  • REACH, Allegato XVII ; IPA – ZEK 01.4-08 – Cat. 1;
  • EN 71-1:2018 ; EN 71-2:2014; EN 71-3:2019
  • AS/NZS ISO 8124
  • ISO 8124:2018
  • Canada Toys Regulations – SOR/2011-17
  • 16 C.F.R. 1303
  • ASTM F963-16
  • California proposition 65 – contenuto Di-n-esil ftalato
Type of guarantee: This product is guaranteed for 5 years for its metal parts, and 2 years for its plastic parts
Production batch: Check the Po number under the saddle (silver sticker)
Made in
Made in: Italy
Percentile table
10 Months 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years
68 - 77 cm 70 - 80 cm 81 - 92 cm 89 - 103 cm 95 - 111 cm 101 - 119 cm
Percentile table
10 Months
68 - 77 cm
1 Year
70 - 80 cm
2 Year
81 - 92 cm
3 Year
89 - 103 cm
4 Year
95 - 111 cm
5 Year
101 - 119 cm
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