Learning with Italtrike .

Riding his tricycle is an important experience for a child . To do at school , along with their companions , it becomes a time of learning and growth . Play , move your body , coordinate their movements , to meet with their peers , the outdoors safely . Italtrike is a leader in the production of tricycles for kindergartens and community. A full range of models , for all age groups , for all needs .

Tricycles designed and manufactured in compliance with European safety rules , Australian and Asian American . Italtrike today exports its tricycles around the world , and has built a unique experience baggage. Always at its best customer service : children.

Discover all the lines dedicated to the school and education .

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Get thee up into Forest tricycle and go into the forest ; You'll find six nice friends with whom to play and run together . A fox , a rabbit, a turtleneck , a deer , a bear and a black wolf ... The traditional strength and quality of Italtrike tricycles , combined with the new eco -friendly material of Plan Toys , together to enter the wonderful world of nature .
Italtrike introduced , first in the world , a line of tricycles Line Aluminium .
Lightweight , rugged . Suitable for humid climates and near the sea . Without any rust stain !
Pilot is the first line of tricycles designed Tenedos in mind the ages of the children . Pilot is divided into 3 face of products , Pilot 100 for children up to 2 years , 200 Pilot From 2 to 4 years and Pilot 300 from 4 onwards.
3 ages , 3 colors for distinqurle facilmnente .
The base line for all scuole.Robusta , simple and durable .
All parts are guaranteed .
A children line up to two years . Robust and complete , is characterized by ergonomic and safe handlebar . A reliable product and surely Since competitive price .
The line launched by now italtrike 25 years ago . It remains the best-selling line and recognized in the market. Robust , reliable and yet beautiful . Italtrike provides all
spare parts needed to make sure that the tricycle last as long as possible . 25 years? Yes, it is possible.

Village : a very special teaching .

< P > Village is the latest proposal Italtrike to introduce children to the first but fundamental rules of traffic education . Learn, while having fun . < / P > < P > Here , even the smallest , through a sympathetic reading of a DVD will begin to associate , relating colors and shapes , what you can or can not be done safely < / p >

The best products for the best children.

Italtrike is a world leader in the design and manufacture of tricycles for schools and public areas . The continuous and intense use of these products , requires a specific design and a use of special materials . < / P >

SAFETY All products comply with current regulations and exceed international standards on toy safety .

WARRANTY Reporting on the " Warranty " booklet , production code and sending it to Italtrike , you can make use of the special 5-year warranty on the metal parts .

SPARE PARTS Italtrike with your office " customer service " , offering support that is fast , even for replacement of spare parts


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